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BBC Ski Sunday

The BBC's Jenny Jones and Sarah Stow fly to Bozeman, Montana to document the 'Nexus' premiere and tell the story of the creatives and athletes behind the film.


Care Less, Do More

Shannon Corsi wears many hats. We dive into why she started Nexus, what the process was like, disrupting the status quo and making your dreams become a reality.


"Nexus" is the all-women ski film I wish I saw growing up

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten goosebumps watching a trailer for a ski film, but I’ll readily admit that I almost teared up watching the teaser for “Nexus.”


Shredding Expectations: Groundbreaking Docu 'Nexus' Highlights Female Skiers

Michelle Parker visits the NBC studio and talks 'NEXUS'


Friday Flick: Nexus Trailer and Interview with Director Shannon Corsi

Nexus is a major departure—not only does it feature women athletes exclusively, it is also directed by a woman and produced by women.


Low Pressure Podcast Episode 217: Shannon Corsi

Shannon Corsi is the Executive Producer and Director of this season's most talked about ski film, Nexus. Shannon tells us how she, as a relative outsider to the ski industry, managed to create one of the most relatable, the most needed and one of the best films of the year.


Female-Focused Nexus Looks to Push the Bounds of What to Expect in a Ski Documentary

When we last spoke with Shannon, it was early March. She was just wrapping up on filming for the winter season, and still piecing together what footage she had, and what she learned along the way.


BOMB Snow's Influence This: Episode 10 Shannon Corsi

Corsi started taking still photographs at a young age and never really stopped. Her enthusiasm and drive to create on her own terms is super inspiring – it's no wonder her client list now spans over 200 brands and publications with no signs of stopping.


​NEXUS is the ski film we've all been waiting for

The term “boundary-breaking” gets thrown around a lot in the ski industry. In practice, it can mean a bunch of different things, whether it’s an athlete pushing a new trick, a crew exploring a new zone, or something entirely different and altogether paradigm-shifting – like what the team behind 2022’s NEXUS has done


Former Big Sky Resident Directs Award-Winning All-Female Ski Film

'On the fly’ might be Corsi’s style. She’s the director and executive producer of “Nexus,” an Arc’teryx-backed ski film that premiered on Oct. 5. She said it was the first film she ever worked on.


IF3 Live Interview: Shannon Corsi

Live Broadcast from Whistler at the iF3 'All Girls' TV Show


Joy As Resistance

Brooklyn Bell gets to the bottom of the run and fist bumps pro skier Michelle Parker, who she’s skiing with in this segment of NEXUS, a 2022 all women’s ski film.


One is not enough: Nexus is coming to shift the paradigm

Bringing women into the production process—especially on female-focused narratives—is why you’d hire a local guide when exploring an unfamiliar zone. “It’s something you can best speak to if you’ve lived it,” Corsi emphasizes.


The Story Behind the All Female Film 'Nexus'

“I had the strongest girl squad and it continued to grow over the years at Big Sky. It was this super tight group of girls who pushed each other really hard,” smiled snowboarder Shannon Corsi as she reflected on her time in Montana.


New Backcountry Ski Film is Uplifting and Full of Stoke

Nexus is one of the best ski films of the year. Featuring five stories of women who share a passion for the mountains


At the peak of shoulder season, check out these 6 outdoorsy films

Women are increasingly carving out their place in outdoor adventure movies, but “Nexus” takes that premise to the next level.


Women Who Crush on Skis: Why ‘Nexus’ Is One of Our Favorite Ski Flicks of the Year

Michelle Parker. Caite Zeliff. Brooklyn Bell. This next film is full of big names, big lines, and big smiles, and it carries a big accomplishment. ‘Nexus’ is the first feature-length film entirely directed and produced by an all-female team.