One is not enough

Women. Skiers. Friends. Nexus is a ski film documenting five distinct groups of women, exploring their connections to each other, the transformative power of the mountains, and the lessons learned from their time on skis.

Director: Shannon Corsi

Featuring: Michelle Parker, Brooklyn Bell, Caite Zeliff, Veronica Paulsen, Lucy Sackbauer, Ingrid Stensvaag, Krystin Norman, Sasha Dingle, Jane Gallie, Margo Krisjansons

Director of Photography: Sophie Danison
Producers: Shannon Corsi, Sophie Danison, Katie Lozancich
Cinematographers: Sophie Danison, Susie Theis, Charlotte Percle, Austin Hopkins, Henry Halle, Jon Riley, Frederick Norquist
Photographers: Shannon Corsi, Katie Lozancich, Leslie Hittmeier
Editors: Sophie Danison, Charlotte Percle

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